Brass Builders Hardware, Forged Brass, Brass Hardware, Brass Cabinet Fittings, Brass Window Stay & Fasteners

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Brass Builders Hardware,Forged Brass, Brass Hardware, Brass Cabinet Fittings, Brass Window Stay & Fasteners



Brass Builders Hardware,Forged Brass, Brass Hardware, door stoppers exporters, brass door knockers exporter


Maxwel Exports (Forged Brass Builders Hardware , Brass Hardware Manufacturer, Brass Hardware Supplier and Brass Hardware Exports)  have secured an unmatched position in India as a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Brass Builders Hardware such as Brass Door Stoppers and Brass Door Knockers. Uncompromising quality standards, commitments to design and excellence in manufacturing are the keystones that produce the exquisite collection of  Brass Builders Hardware
Since the last 20 years, Maxwel Exports (The Forged Brass) have been manufacturing a wide range of  brass builders hardware. Our forged products are manufactured from solid brass, through hot forging process that yields a denser, stronger and heavier product. Maxwel Exports (The Forged Brass) have emerged as an indubitable winner due to our range of products with exotic designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Maxwel Exports (The Forged Brass) do manufacture as per the buyers specifications." 

Maxwel Exports product range:- 

Forged Brass Hardware - Door Stoppers, Door Knockers and Numerals
Forged Brass Hardware- Door Knobs & Door Handles
Forged Brass Hardware- Lever on Handles and Roses with Escutcheons
Forged Brass Hardware- Switch Plates and Letter Plates
Forged Brass Hardware- Window Stay and Fasteners
Forged Brass Hardware- Casters, Flush Bolts and Pulleys
Our commitment for quality is the defining parameters for our progressive growth in this industry. Each piece of Brass is protected with a unique, clear coating, electrophoratic lacquer that provides lasting beauty with minimum care. We manufacture various items of  brass builders hardware, brass cabinet fittings, brass window stay & fasteners, brass knobs, brass laver handles etc.  by Cast, Gravity, Sheet pressed and specially by Hot Stamping (Forging) as per the buyer's specifications so Maxwel Export (The Forged Brass Builders Hardware) proves full satisfaction to his cilent because we have power of  Brass Hardware.